10 good reasons to use a freelance web editor!

Generate traffic, convert leads to customer, etc. You may be aware of the importance of having good visibility for a website. In this twenty-first century, it must be emphasized that the Internet has emerged as the first vector of contact between customers and businesses. Only that it is necessary, to manage to create and consolidate this contact, to stand out and seduce not only the SEO algorithms, but also the readership, which is in search of quality content. It is true that you would like to write your web by yourself, but it would be more interesting. After outlining the 10 reasons why you should opt for a freelance web editor,

The web editor has a perfect command of SEO

You know how to write French; you master the syntax, the conjugation and the lexicon appropriate to each theme that you approach. That’s good, but not enough! Indeed, in addition to that, you must have a mastery of SEO . And when we talk about mastery, it’s not just about getting the keywords out of the box. It is an art!
To improve the visibility of an article, the safest solution is the one you already know: to call a web editor. Indeed, the latter, being a professional in the field, should be more effective than the most effective keywords, but it will also be subject to a high level of efficiency.

The web editor saves time and money

« Time’s money, » say the English. The professional web editor, saving you time, at the same time bounces your accounts at the bank. So instead of wasting your precious time, it would be in your interest to know who you are and who you are.

Like it or not, the web editor controls his work more than anyone else. To this end, it will be better, and easily accessible to Internet users. What will ensure your site a greater reputation!

The web editor guarantees a loyal clientele

You hired a web editor who has been working with you recently. Like everywhere, the beginnings can be difficult. It is only with you that it will be used to meet your requirements. The advantage is that it will be able to understand what Internet users are looking for when they visit your site. From there, he will be able to maximize his success. No doubt, it will have to retain them. And your site will be referenced in the eyes of Internet users.

The web editor looks after your image

There is nothing more repulsive than when a user, opening your page, is already welcomed on the front lines by enormities: notorious incoherence in the ideas, very bad wording of the sentences. Worse, the article is a basket of misspellings and syntactic errors.

If things are like this, there is no doubt: the surfer will never come back. To avoid such a situation, entrust all your projects to an experienced external writer. With it, the probability that these kinds of errors occur is very small. On the contrary, it is the best way to allow your site to be present with a perfectly written content, without the slightest shell.

The web editor is versatile

The only thing you usually think of when you mention the name of a web editor is simple writing. This is not totally fair! A real web editor can not write only beautiful sentences. He is much more than that. Indeed, he must have a perfect command of computer tools such as WordPress. In addition, the web editor usually works with other people such as translators, consultants, etc. In short, it is someone who is very cultured and who, therefore, should improve their editorial style .

The web editor regularly animates your digital media

It is not enough, a website, a carve to a great reputation, should be fed by new and original content. To leave the site unpublished for a long time is a big mistake. Inactive, it will lose visibility vis-à-vis search engines. If you publish every three days or every week, make the effort to respect the frequency that you have imposed. Otherwise, you risk losing your clientele.

Would not it be better to call a web editor who will take care of the regular feeding of your site? Think about it!

The web editor knows the editorial charter of the web

As we have already said, the web writing profession is not limited to the alignment of words. As in all fields, it’s a job that also has its subtleties. The most important of these is, of course, the knowledge of the editorial charter. This allows you to define the writing style, but also the tone (s) to adopt, the structuring of information, etc. In short, it is a reference document that reframes the work of the editor. If you do not know, then it will be worthwhile to enter the work to a professional.

The web editor knows how to adapt his style according to your convenience

Web writing, as you know, is a profession in its own right. It is a requirement for certain requirements . One of these is the ability of these approaches to their writing styles. To tell the truth, it is not easy to have such a capacity for adaptation; In reality, it is only acquired crescendo.

Suppose you have several websites; some more formal, others turned to the friendly style. To avoid juggling between them, contact an experienced web editor. This will only be beneficial for the relevance of your many sites.

Web writing is a profession in its own right

Many people think that writing is easy. Some even say it’s not a job at all. It is time for those to open their eyes and see reality in the face. Let’s take a simple example. Can everyone become a pilot, mason or computer scientist whenever he likes? The answer is no! You can tinker, but the result would be a calamity. This is exactly the case for the web writing profession; we do not do it pretty much.

The web editor, him, being specialized in the field will always be able to do so. Even if the task is difficult, he will try to do so in the future.

Soliciting the services of a web editor is a worthwhile investment

It is not the same day that you are hired to write the content of your pages that you will realize the merits of this approach. In the long run, you will find that you are not losing.

Entrusting the writing of your articles to an authoritative edition of your article, which may be more or less of an issue.

How to choose the best web editor?

For your web writing needs, you will find many freelance writers ready to help you. For example, by placing an order on Ereferer , you will receive many answers from writers for writing your texts. To help you find the best copywriter of your dreams, here are some tips to refine your application and select the best candidates.

Tip # 1 : Precision

For the chance to find good web editors, start by being as specific as possible about your needs. In other words, formulate your offer by clearly describing the type (s) of text you want to have written (list of tips, product sheets, advertising content …), the desired level of expertise and of course the theme texts.

Tip # 2 : Check Quality

Will you entrust your haircut to a master hairdresser himself badly styled? Or your loincloth to a dressmaker dressed in rags? No, no doubt! The editor has the obligation to demonstrate that he masters the workings of blogging and SEO. For this, ask him one of his previous productions to judge the quality of his pen.

Tip # 3 : Submit one (or a series of) test (s)

Before the contract signing stage, you must first submit the writer for a test. Give him a first topic and see how he manages. Of course, be clear in the instructions. In other words, be specific about the angle of attack, the target and the course of the tone to use. Thus, he will be able to show you the full extent of his know-how. After the first test, you can choose a second or even a third. It all depends on how he does it. In addition, when ordering, do not hesitate to create several requests for texts with small keys before entrusting the entire project.

Tip # 4 : Think first about your general theme

You agree with us that a web editor will not be forced to lock himself in your office before doing the work that is his! From his home, he will be able to get there. And to succeed, it will take time for a few texts to fully understand your corporate culture. Before asking for more information on how to do it. For your needs, consider setting up the inverted pyramid method.

The basic secret is dialogue: the longer you discuss these productions, the better you will understand the spirit of your business. Logically, it will be able to make texts in total adequacy with your expectations.

Tip # 5 : Standardize Your Articles

To be sure to come across an editor that fully meets your needs, standardize your articles. Especially when it comes to a routine work like writing product sheets! Once there is a pre-established frame, the editors of a platform are more efficient and faster.

Tip # 6 : Does it meet the 10 criteria of a good copywriter?

Whatever his specialty, a good copywriter must meet these ten criteria:

  • Spelling : he must not make any mistakes. The spelling must be impeccable;
  • The mastery of SEO : a good copywriter must be able to put the keyword and its lexical field in the right place in the article, necessarily in the title H1 and also in some titles H2. In addition, he must also be vigilant about the internal mesh.
  • The pen : you can easily make the difference between two editors when you stick to their pen. The good editor must be rigorous, that is to say, he does his work with care and application;
  • The ability to translate the tone of the brand : the writer must adapt to the tone of the brand;
  • Responsiveness : the other quality that must be found in a good copywriter is its ability to deliver content in a timely manner and respond quickly to any corrections. These are essential points to respect the editorial planning;
  • References : it is recommended to opt for writers who have experience and trusted references;
  • Mother tongue : for understandable content, with an alluring pen, choose an editor who writes in her mother tongue;
  • Knowledge of the sector : An editor who knows your sector well will be more comfortable writing your articles. The vocabulary will be right, and the tone will be better;
  • The art of telling : your editor must know how to report. Generally, a text written as a story that is told to be much more pleasant to read;
  • The relationship with the editor : As already mentioned above, you will be working closely with your editor. Having a good relationship is an essential point to ensure a good content strategy.

Find the right copywriter, remember, it’s a recruitment process. And especially since it is the image of your brand that is at stake, it is possible to be 100% sure that you have really made the right choice.

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